Your ticket value can be any number between 1 to 100 MOS

8  MOS
72  MOS

How to join MOS Lottery Tournament

Install Metamask wallet

1. Please download the Metamask wallet:
2. Enable the extension and create a new Metamask address
3. Save your private key

Important Notes

1. MOS Lottery Tournament run on Rinkeby Test Network. Please change the setting in the Metamask
2. Test MOS Token is a ERC20 Token. Each betting uses Ethereum Gas and paid using Test Ether
3. To receive Test Ether, please visit
4. If you want to switch to other wallet account, please sign out first

Join Tournament

4. Unlock Metamask wallet
5. Click Join button to MOS Lottery Tournament
6. If you are new player, you'll receive 1,000 Test MOS Token

Place A Bet

7. Choose your ticket value between 1 to 100 Test MOS Token
8. Select one digit or 2 digit game
9. Choose your lucky number between 0-9
10. Select the stock index
11. Click Play Now button and wait for the blockchain transaction to complete
12. Check your lottery ticket in My Ticket tab
13. Place another bet or wait for result announcement
14. Result announced once NASDAQ, S&P and DOW market close
15. Check result announcement under Past Result and My Ticket tab

Win Great Prizes

16. Winning amount is credited to your wallet and added to your score
17. The score will be used to determine your ranking
18. Check your ranking in Leaderboard tab
19. 1st prize : 1 ETH, 2nd prize : 0.3 ETH and 3rd prize: 0.1 ETH. Please use valid wallet address as ETH will automatically credited to your wallet
20. Consolation prize x 10 : free 1000 moscoin. Token will be credited after ICO end